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image24Infertility has been a widespread problem throughout the world. Its incidences have increased multifold. Infertility is a condition where the couple suffers from the inability to conceive even after two years of marriage, despite unhindered sex. One such case is of Suraj and Medha. “I have completed 4 year of my married life and stepping into 5th year. For the last 2 year we were trying hard for conceiving a baby but no luck. My wife had block in her tube. So as per the doctor’s suggestion, we went for IVF and now I am happy father of a bright baby boy. The causes of infertility can be age, late marriage, stressful lifestyle, overweight, blocked, poor sperm quality and poor quality of eggs. In such cases, In Vitro Fertilization(IVF) as known as test tube baby comes to the rescue. In IVF the eggs the egg of the female partner is fertilized by the semen of the male partner in a test tube outside the body . That is whyit is called In Vitro (outside) fertilization or the test tube baby.  Read-Morenew


surrogacy-212X170Surrogacy is a point of discussion now-a-days. Some feel it is positive and ethical and others have a different view. Some feel that the relation between surrogate and the childless couple is important, as it is a serious matter of social, emotional and medical counselling.

There are fractions in our society which find surrogacy an unethical practice. They feel that the surrogate mother is the real mother of the child, and feel that it is in an infringement upon the nature’s laws. Read-Morenew


image23“Advance yet Affordable” makes Baby Joy a big brand today. Says Mr VivekKohli Director Baby Joy FERTILITY & WOMANCARE CENTRE in the role of interaction with Dwarka helpline News Paper. Expert;-

Our primary Endeavour is to provide highly advanced, world class IVF care at highly affordable cost. Today on one hand, Baby Joy meets international standards, through its global practices, and on the other, through highly economical treatment costs it aims to make it possible for a common to achieve the benefits of this technology. Read-Morenew


Ms. Ranjana Kumari, “Director of Centre For Social Research” said that about fifty IVF and Surrogacy Centres are there in Delhi. Some of those are producing 250 children per year in Delhi and around 40,000 babies are born annually in India212X170-samachar

Due to the lack of Indian law, this million dollar industry suffers in India. Some agents exploit the surrogates by not giving them the actual amount, which they deserve. Generally, agents get 2-4 lakh for one case, but they provide only 70-80 thousand to the surrogate. They often hire surrogates from Nepal, Bengal, Assam etc. As per law, a healthy women, who has already given birth to two kids can become a Surrogate Read-Morenew