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Surrogacy in Canada

Of the total number of newly born babies in Canada, a fair amount of them are born through surrogacy. About 70 % of them are acquired through surrogacy in India. In the past, barren Canadian couples were had run out of choices but to change their statuses. However, the launch of Baby Joy Canada has seen a number of couples taking up surrogacy. The prime objective behind the creation of Baby Joy-Canada was to provide a strong alternative for Canadian couples so that they can use surrogacy without worrying about the law.

Remarkably, it has been observed that Canadian couples increase the sizes of their families through children and acquire them through surrogacy voluntarily. Homosexuals and heterosexuals significantly contribute to the continued increase in the number of parents acquiring children through surrogate means. Infertility hit families are also taking advantage of surrogacy to a significant extent. This also goes for individuals who had undergone hysterectomy on account of an ailment.

The vision that guides Baby Joy-Canada:

  1. Increasing awareness on:
  • The lawful aspects of surrogate pregnancy within Canada and outside
  • Legal, ethical or logistical issues that can prevent surrogacy in Canada at the moment
  • Latest trends of how Britons use surrogacy pregnancies at a commercial level
  • The changes necessary in milieu policies for surrogacy to become legal
  • processes and methods which are involved in surrogate related issues
  1. executing ideal practices for the implementation of surrogacy as desired by parents
  2. promoting surrogacy through the use of the media
  3. Advising legal experts in Canada to consider international commercial surrogacy as a legal practice as opposed to being a crime, as is the case today
  4. Counselling prospectus parents on financial, logistical and ethical matters related to surrogacy
  5. Establishing a moral standing for every prospectus Canadian family wishing to take up surrogacy

If appropriate, Baby Joy-Canadamay sponsor conferences, seminars and other programs of learning such as educational lectures conducted by professional speakers.